We have many walking trails ranging from short Class 3 up to long Class 4 & 5  For more information please visit the department of Environment and Conservation website www.naturebase.net an online visitor's guide to Western Australia's parks, reserves and other recreation areas.

Caution:- Wear sturdy footwear and protective clothing. Take care on escarpment slopes and cliff edges as the rock surface can be crumbly and unstable. Take plenty of drinking water as there is no drinking water in the National Park.

Scenic Drive

For the less energetic, Mt Augustus Loop Road/Drive is a 49 km trail suitable for two wheel drive cars. This offers views of Mount Augustus and access to feature sites. Emu lookout has fantastic views of Mt Augustus Rock. It is a great spot to watch the sun go down. Yalaweerie lookout is a great spot to watch the sun rise.
Caring For Culture - Petroglyph sites in the park are culturally significant to the Wajarri people. Please enjoy the privilege of visiting these sites, but treat them with respect.

Other Attractions

Mount Augustus Station was taken up in 1887 by Samuel James Phillips and John Hughes Phillips. After WW1, Ernest Potts managed the station and ran 17,000 head of cattle with the help of Aboriginal and non-indigenous stockmen. Potts managed the station for 35 years until 1955, after which the station passed through a number of owners and managers. In 1989 Mount Augustus and the land immediately surrounding it (9168 hectares) was voluntarily released from a portion of Mount Augustus station and declared a National Park. For more information please see the website of Department for Planning and Infrastructure www.dpi.wa.gov.au/pastoral

Burringurrah Community
An Aboriginal community located 40 km south from Mount Augustus. It has a shop, clinic, police station and school.

Landor Races
2014 Race Dates:first weekend October school holidays
The Landor Races are the Eastern Gascoyne Race Club's traditional bush race meeting. This meeting is held annually in the third term school holidays (October) at the racecourse near Landor Station.
The event has now been run annually, almost continuously since 1921 (except for several years during WW2) and has been run on the same principles since the early days, that it is a strickly amateur race meeting for local station horses and riders. There are no starting gates at Landor - all the races are "walk up starts".
Nowadays, the Landor weekend begins with a race day on Saturday - when the Ladies Bracelet is the feature event. Sunday is the traditional gymkhana day. The action starts in the morning with the kid's "lead in" events and finishes with the adults competition in the afternoon. This day includes the fun events, such as the "tug of war" and there are foot races for everyone. The race day on Monday features the Landor Cup. There are social activities most nights, with a public bar, two up, music and betting on course.
For more information, please see official website www.landor.net.au

Tourist Spots Nearby

Karijini National Park
It is the second largest in Western Australia. Deep winding gorges of marbled rock, 2.5 billion years in the making, emerald coloured pools, spectacular lookouts. A seasonal road from Mount Augustus via Dooley Downs and Pingandy stations leads to the Ashburton Downs - Mt Vernon road and provides a shorter route to continue to Karijin National Park and the Pilbara.

Kennedy Range National Park
Just north of Gascoyne Junction lie the spectacular sandstone battlements of the Kennedy Range. It extends for roughly 195 km in a northerly direction from near Gascoyne Junction. The park offers spectacular scenery of gorges and precipitous faces, with a vast plateau of ancient dunefields on top of the range. For more information, please see the website www.dec.wa.gov.au

Kingsford Smith Mail Run
The 800 km road trail is well marked with thirteen interpretive sites. Kingsford Smith started his mail run in 1924 from Carnarvon. From there travel to Gascoyne Junction before heading for the Bangemall Inn, established in 1896, of course not far away is Mount Augustus. Then head for the old Mount Gould lockup. The last stop of interest is Meekatharra. The Kingsford Smith Mail Run is one of three Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways. The other two are the Miners Pathway and the Wool Wagon Pathway. For more information, please see www.outbackpathways.com/pathways/kingsford-smith-mail-run/

The Heritage Precinct is located at the One Mile Jetty with the "coffee pot" train running on it. Nearby is the Shearers Hall of Fame and the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage Museum. For more information see Carnarvon Shire website www.carnarvon.wa.gov.au

Situated on the Great Northern Highway. Meekatharra is the largest centre in the Murchison. The town has had a major facelift with the opening of the Meeka Rangelands Discovery trail. For more information, please Meekatharra Shire website http://www.meeekashire.wa.gov.au/

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