An Introduction to the age of empires 2

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, is one of the most popular real-time strategy (RTS) games by game developers Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. AoE2 was first released in 1999 for Windows and Mac, and its expansion, The Conquerors, was released the following year. In 2001, Konami released a version of the game for the PlayStation 2, and in 2006, Backbone Studios developed a port of the game for the Nintendo DS. In 2013, an HD remastered version of Age of Empires 2 was released by the original developers, and you can download it from Steam right now.

The Age of Kings storyline takes place in the Middle Ages, and you can play using thirteen different civilizations. The aim of the game is to gather different resources that the player will use to build towns, train armies of soldiers, and use said armies to conquer other civilizations. There are five single-player campaigns where the player must finish campaigns (loosely based on historical events) to follow a predetermined storyline. There are also several other single-player modes, and the game also supports multiplayer via LAN.

The Age of Empires 2 finally received an expansion after nearly fifteen years when Ensemble Studios released the Age of Empires 2 HD: The Forgotten. This expansion introduced several new civilizations (the Italians, Incas, Indians, the Slavs, and the Magyars) and even more single player campaigns. The second expansion, The African Kingdoms (released in 2015), introduced even more civilizations (the Berbers, Ethiopians, Portuguese, and the Malians). The last expansion, The Rise of the Rajas, introduced several more civilizations (the Burmese, Malays, Vietnamese, and the Khmer) and added campaigns set in Southeast Asia. The expansion also gave a new map type, improved character AI, and whole new environments.

Age of Empires 2 Cheats

Although the game itself is quite fun and challenging, there will be times when you will find yourself stuck in the middle of a campaign without any idea how to beat the game. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of age of empires 2 cheats that can make your life easier.

To enter the cheats, you need to press “Enter” to open up the chat box. Once the chat box is open, you just need to type in the cheats and press “Enter” to activate. Bad news for PlayStation 2 players; there are no age of empires 2 cheats for the PS2, the cheats here are just for the PC and Mac versions of the game.

age of empires 2 castle siege

 Cheats for Age of Empires Supplies

Are you running low on food, wood, or stone? We got you covered, enter the cheats below to instantaneously generate resources.

CHEESE STEAK JIMMY’S – This cheat instantly gives you 1,000 units of food. Now your villagers can build round the clock without stopping.

ROBIN HOOD – This cheat fills your coffers with 1,000 gold, which you can use to purchase as many buildings and units as you want.

ROCK ON – This code will generate 1,000 units of stone

LUMBERJACK – This cheat will generate 1,000 units of wood. This means you no longer have to wait for your villagers to gather the necessary building materials, they can start working right away.

 Cheats for Easier Battles

Are your enemy kings attacking your city, and you still haven’t put up your defenses yet? Don’t concede just yet, here are some cheats that will help you turn the tides of war to your favor.

MARCO – This code reveals the entire map; you no longer have to deploy scouts to see the terrain.

POLO – This code disables the Fog of War on the map. Now, you can see your enemy’s movements from a mile away.

TORPEDOx – This will instantly kill any opponent in the slot (x).

BLACK DEATH – This will summon the plague into the camps of your enemies, decimating everything that moves. In short, this cheat will kill all of your enemies.

AEGIS – This cheat code will allow you to finish building structures immediately. Buildings will start sprouting like mushrooms when this cheat is activated.

RESIGN – If you just want to get things over with so you can start over again then enter this code.

WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY – If you want to go out with a bang instead of a whimper, here’s a cheat code for you.

NATURAL WONDERS – If you want to mess with your enemies, enter this cheat and you can control all of the animals on the map. However, you won’t be able to control your own units until you disable this cheat.

WOOF WOOF – This cheat doesn’t really do anything with the gameplay, but it does turn all of the birds in the game into flying dogs wearing capes, which is pretty cool somewhat.

 Cheat Units of age of empires.

Aside from the units that you can train the normal way, there are some that can only be accessed via age of empires 2 cheats, here are some of them:

FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY – This summons Furious the Monkey Boy in the middle of your city. Furious can destroy vehicles and buildings with just a couple of swipes of his monkey hand. However, he is incredibly weak too, it only takes nine hits to knock him out cold.

HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON – This will summon a Shelby Cobra car in the middle of your city. Not only is this vehicle fast and nearly indestructible, it is also armed with machine guns that can decimate anything in its path in just seconds.

TO SMITHEREENS – This will summon a saboteur, which can easily sneak into your enemy’s camp and destroy buildings.

age of empires 2

I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD – This summons a VMDL (labeled Elephant Archer in the HD version of Age of Empires 2), this is a civilian unit that can neither attack nor gathers materials, but he can move really fast, which makes him good for scouting. VMDL stands for Villager Model David Lewis, David Lewis is an employee of Ensemble Studios that worked on the game. The sprite for the VMDL looks just like a regular peasant, but he is pasty white in complexion and wears all white clothes.

 Other units in the Age of Empires II: The Forgotten expansion:

ALPACA SIMULATOR – Summons Alfred the Alpaca he looks just like the llamas in the game, but he does not have a saddle and he has a golden crown on his head. Alfred is almost invincible in melee combat due to his high armor rating, but he moves extremely slow, which makes him vulnerable to hit-and-run attacks. Archers are extremely troublesome for Alfred as they can attack from a distance and then retreat quickly.

Age Of Empires 2 The Conquerors Cheats

I DON’T EXIST – This summons a penguin, an infantry unit that has much higher armor and damage than the regular foot soldiers. Imagine an entire army of penguins invading your city, it can be quite unnerving, especially if you didn’t expect them.


I hope that these cheats were able to make your playthrough of the Age of Empires 2 much easier and even more enjoyable. However, it is advised that you refrain from abusing the cheats too much, as it will take all of the fun out of the game. It is still better to play the game normally to give you some sort of challenge and give you a better sense of accomplishment. Just use the age of empires 2 cheats when you’re backed into a corner.




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