Whitney wicker perambulator

If your wicker repair shop does appraisals ask them what qualifications and certifications they have to back up this service. For a competent and valid appraisal, the person giving it should be a certified antique wicker appraiser.

Their certification proves that they have done the research, taken the classes, and past all the tests, which also means they should be compensated monetarily for their expertise. Also ask what you will get in return for paying for their appraisal.

Although I have been in the business of wicker restoration and sales since 1975, I am not certified to make appraisals on wicker furniture, and will not honor the requests at this time.

However, I highly recommend Richard Saunders as a certified antique wicker furniture appraiser. He’s located in Savannah, Georgia and has been a certified wicker furniture appraiser since 1983. He’s also written six books on the antique wicker furniture industry is advertising his services on my National Furniture Repair Directory™, Wicker Experts section.

For online appraisals or to do your own research, check out the websites I’ve listed on Wicker FAQ or do your own online research.

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