MapQuest, Bing and Google are good for what they do, but they aren't meant for planning complex, multistop routes; or for finding off-the-beaten-path directions. We recommend that you get a printed guide book and a gps device to make the most out of your road trip. The list of sites below are specialized mapping and routing sites that will aid you in your task to develop custom routes.
  • Google Earth
  • Google Earth has high-resolution 3-D views to find scenic areas that you might otherwise miss.
    Placemarks along Historic Route 66 requires Google Earth software.
  • Route 66 Landmarks - Satellite Views:
  • Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, near the start of Route 66
  • Sears Tower, Chicago
  • Launching Pad Drive-In restaurant and its Gemini Giant, Wilmington, Ill.
  • Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Madison, Ill.
  • Gateway Arch, St. Louis
  • 66 Drive-In theater, Carthage, Mo.
  • Blue Whale, Catoosa, Okla.
  • Blue Dome, Tulsa
  • Round Barn, Arcadia, Okla.
  • Glenrio, at Texas-New Mexico border
  • Big cross, Groom, Texas
  • Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas
  • Tucumcari Mountain, Tucumcari, N.M.
  • Meteor Crater, Arizona
  • Old Colorado River Bridge, at Arizona-California border
  • Roy’s in Amboy, Calif.
  • Wigwam Motel, Rialto, Calif.
  • Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena, Calif.
  • Santa Monica Pier, near the end of Route 66
  • Europe Only
  • Royal Auto Club
  • Mappy French site offered in 11 languages, including English, focuses on Europe
  • AA Route Planner
  • Traveling with Agip from Ireland to Turkey, and from western Russia to Monaco
  • ANWB Routeplanner specializes in routing for the Netherlands and western Europe
  • MultiMap
  • World Wide
  • Open Street Map user-based, wiki world map
  • Maporama (worldwide) global service offering free maps and directions to and within 61 different countries
  • Map24 (U.S./Canada) technically advanced online mapping and routing tool
  • Map24 (U.K.)
  • Map24 (Europe)
  • MSN Maps and Directions (U.S./Canada/Europe/Australia) previously known as"MapPoint" and now incorporating"MapBlast"
  • ViaMichelin (Europe/U.S./Canada) covers the U.S., Canada, and 41 European countries.

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