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Reverse Ombré Hair

When it hits the light, you can see how Ciara's medium-brown highlights melt into her deep brown ends.

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Honey Blonde Highlights

Allison Janney's hair is becoming blonder and blonder, and these honey highlights give a boost to her slightly darker base.

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Rich Caramel Tones

At Wimbledon, all eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge's oh-so-subtle highlights, which were woven throughout her darker brown hair.

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Classic Blonde Highlights

There's a reason you rarely see solid shades of blonde — it just looks so pretty with selected strands of lighter tones. See: Reese Witherspoon.

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Brightened Brunette Hair

With ample blonde highlights that enhance her wavy layers, Leighton Meester's medium-brown hair looks absolutely stunning in natural light.

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Sun-Kissed Highlights

Jessica Biel clearly protects her fabulous skin from damaging UV exposure, so we're guessing those intense highlights came from a professional colorist and not the sun.

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Platinum Pieces

Margot Robbie's face is beautifully framed by the lightest shade of blonde, drawing attention to her eyes. To keep cool blonde highlights from going brassy, try a purple shampoo like Redken Blonde Idol Shampoo (, walmart.com).


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Almost Ombré Hair

Instead of fully gradient color like a true ombré, only the lower third of Olivia Munn's dark brown hair is highlighted with a medium brown shade.

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Auburn Highlights

Rich mahogany highlights give Maya Rudolph all the complexion-flattering benefits of an auburn shade without fully changing her dark brown base.

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Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Leslie Mann's strawberry blonde shade is brightened by lighter, less-red highlights concentrated toward the lower half of her length.

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Caramel Tones

A classic combo: medium-brown hair and warm, not-quite-blonde highlights. No wonder it's a favorite of Leah Remini and so many other salon-goers!

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Darker Roots

Greta Gerwig's highlights are strategically intensified toward the ends of her short hair so the darkness at her roots looks intentional, not clashy.

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Blended Bronze Highlights

The variations in Kate Walsh's bronzy auburn are so seamless and subtle, we wouldn't be surprised if her colorist used the color-melting technique.

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Soft Beige Roots

If you don't love yellower blondes but aren't interested in something as cool as platinum, soft shades of beige, like Brie Larson's, keep your blonde warm without looking too lemony.

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Blunt Highlights

Kerry Washington's sporadic streaks are a fun way to add a jolt of noticeable color without resorting to a whole head of highlights or a crazy shade.

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Top Highlights

The ideal option for indecisive salon-goers, this look lets you keep your rich dark color while highlighting only the top layer. Do like Tina Knowles and ask your stylist to make that layer a little shorter than the rest of your hair, for a flattering shape.

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High Contrast Hair

Although blonde highlights can be seen throughout Sarah Jessica Parker's long, loose waves, they're concentrated toward the front to flatteringly frame her face.

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Golden Highlights

An ample amount of honey highlights on Halle Berry's dark brown base give her a true beach-babe look — no hair wrap required.

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Ginger Tones

Although Emma Stone's strawberry blonde lob would look amazing in a solid shade, the lighter blonde accents she's added really help brighten up her fair skin.

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Illuminated Ends

Chrissy Metz gets the best of both the brunette and blonde worlds with a rich shade of brown throughout most of her length, and a touch of honey blonde highlights on the ends.

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