Fortunately we had a great deal - if we had paid full price, we would've been devastated. Nothing about the experience was even close to 4 star. The welcome was poor, with the driver doubling up as the check-in person - and he didn't seem up to the task. The room was basic at best, with a blind missing in the bathroom (in spite of there being a fitting in place), the taps were loose, the bath plug leaked, there was mould on the bathroom wall and the TV modem looked as though it had been dragged under a vehicle. There was no storage facility with a door (cupboard or drawer), let alone a safe for valuables. What was promoted as a "private balcony" was nothing more than a deck around the building that doubled as a public walkway. The lack of air-conditioning was tolerable due to the breeze - but we were very upset to arrive back to the room on a 37 degree day to find that the heating had been left on in the bathroom all day following the service. The dependence on a bus to get to and from the room was a nightmare as we never knew how long it would take to arrive, which way it would go or in fact, whether it would arrive at all. Other than the views, the most redeeming feature was the buffet breakfast - whilst nothing startling it was varied and tasty.

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