NOTE:  Because of the current world crisis, AMC detailed flight information is no longer posted on the AMC sites.
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This is the East Coast AMC / Europe AMC Destinations Space A page.
 It contains departure/destination information from/to East Coast AMC bases from/to the European AMC bases.  
This is a List of All  Space A AMC bases.
For the US/Pacific AMC Destinations page click here;

East Coast AMC Centers

  1. Dover AFB, Delaware
  2. Baltimore/Washington IAP, MD -( Refer to Roy Buckmans Site for Space A Sign Up Instructions)
  3. Norfolk Naval Air Terminal
  4. Norfolk Space A Flight Limitations
  5. Click on FLIGHT FREQUENCY-Charleston AFB, Charleston South Carolina
Other fights to/from Europe originate/terminate at
McGuire AFB, NJ,
Andrews AB, MD
Brunswick NAS, ME,
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH,
Scott AFB, Il, 
Willow Grove NAS, PA,
Westover AFB, MA, 
Jacksonville NAS, FL ,
Fort Worth NAS and
Air National Guard Bases on an infrequent basis.
Click on Roy Buckmans Sitehere. for Space A Signup, Trip Reports and John D's  FAQs.
 Click here for European Military Lodging and Dining inforamtion

This section provides detailed European destination Information .

  1. Click here for European Bases DSN Numbers.
  2. Click here  for  European Train Schedules
  3.  Click here for Allen Wood's great family space a trip photos to Washington DC, London, Crete, Athens, and Rome
  4. View this site for European Travel Planning and Mileage Information
  5. Click here for European Army Base Lodging Information
  6. Click here for the location and phone numbers of Retirement Service Officers in Europe.
  7. Click here for the location and phone numbers of USO offices in Europe.

1. RAF Mildenhall, England-
  1. Mildenhall  Space A Contact Info
  2. Mildenhall Commissary
  3. Mildenhall Lodging Direcory
  4. London Info for Military Travelers
  5. Mildenhall billeting information
  6. Train/Subway/ Airport map
  7. Retiree office
  8. BMI-Heathrow to Paris
  9. Ryanair to Paris-CDG (around .00)
  10. Eurostar
  11. Just Off The Base Auto Rental,
  12. Paris .Ferry Map 
  13. Ferry/Driving Instructions
  14. Tour The Continent by Bus
  15. Mildendal ITT Ofice
  16. Shopping and Rental- Mildenhall

2. RAF Mildenhall To London or Dublin and Edinburgh/ Glasgow


Ramstein is the Major USAF Base in Europe
                         (click to enlarge)


  Ramstein AFB, Germany.

  1. US Military Bases -Germany here
  2. Space A Info
  3. Ramstein ITT site here.
  4. Shopping in K-Town
  5.  USO site  here
  6. Driving Directions to Frankfurt
  7. Kaiserlautern info here
  8. Kaiserlautern web cam
  9. Ramstein Train Info.
  10. See the Busabout schedule .
  11. Travel numbers here.
  12. Learn some German Expressions
  13. NEW-A Stars and Stripes Article and Photos about the Region
  14. Travel to Amsterdam| Brussels| Munich| Vienna| Paris

Frankfurt, Germany, is located at the confluence of the Rhein and Main Rivers in the state of Hessen. The city accommodates most of the country's large banks and many branches of foreign banks in Germany. It is also the headquarters of the Bundesbank, which guards the deutsch mark's stability. Frankfurt is also a transportation hub having Germany's main autobahn and railroad interchanges. The Frankfurt International Airport, which shares runways with the Rhein Main AFB and is the largest freight and second largest passenger airport in Europe.Buses into Frankfurt can be caught just outside the gate 2-3 times per hour

  Frankfurt  detailed info. Click here for Rhein Main AB Site.

  1. Rhein Main AB here
  2. .Frankfurt Auto Rental.
  3. Frankfurt To Hahn Bus Schedule
  4. Click here for train information  to Munich, Paris, Vienna, and Prague.
  5. Check with the ITT office for scheduling information. The phone number is-Frankfurt International Airport – 069-691581
  6. USO Office

The Rota Naval Base is located in southwest Spain in Cadiz Province.  View this site for a map of Rota,  hotels, bus, and train service to Seville, Madrid and Lisbon. This  Rota Fleet Liason link contains additional information on Rota
  1. See these Spain travel videos to learn about traveling, accomadations and eating.rota2
  2. Visit Gibralter to see the barbary apes.
  3. Gibraltar Virtual Tour
  4. Ferry service is available to Morocco. Check with the ITT office for schedule.
  5. Learn some Spanish Expressions
  6. Click here to access the Rota Navy site.
  7. Drive or take a train  or bus to Seville or Madrid
  8. Take a train or drive to Lisbon
  9. Map of Spain, Portugal, and France.
  10. Jerez TV (In Spanish)




Vesuvius and Pompei

Naples is wonderful city to visit and is close to Mount Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompei. The beautiful Isle of Capri is accessible by ferry. It is also within easy driving distance to Rome, Florence,  and Pisa. Click here to access the Naples Navy site



Souda Bay is located on the island of Crete, 145 miles south of Athens. Souda Bay is accessible by plane or ferry. Most military flights to Suoda Bay originate in Sigonella, Sicily.The Souda Bay Naval Support Activity is located on the northwestern part of the island near the airport.There are three airlines that fly into Hania Airport from El Venizelos Airport, Athens--Olympic, Aegean and Cronus airlines. The flight is approximately 50 minutes. The ferry to Souda Bay leaves from Piraeus (close to Athens) each evening and arrives at Souda Bay the next morning. The trip takes about 10 hours. Since there are two airports on the island of Crete, be sure your airline ticket is to Chania (sometimes spelled Xania or Hania) and not to Iraklion. Iraklion is located about 85 miles away and transportation to Souda Bay would be difficult and expensive.


Explore the ancient culture of Crete., the Land of Thesseus, Medusa, and the Minator.

11.Keflavik NAS

Click Here for a description of the Keflavik NAS.  Keflavik Iceland is a Naval Air Station with a USAF detachment. Visit the many wonders of Iceland including the active volcanos, the geo-thermal springs, the capital, Reykjavik, innovative rock music, and many beautiful women.  Click here to access the Keflavik NAS site

12.Lages AFB,The Azores, Portugal

Click here for a description of the Lajes AFB,
The Azores is located about 900 miles from Lisbon Portugal and is an important hub going to the Continent and returning to the US.
Click here for information about the base.

  1. Read Lew and Bonnie's Wirfs Lajes Description.
  2. For a description of the Azores, click here
  3. For a list of hotels click here

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