How To Enter Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 In Recovery Mode?

In this tutorial we will help you to enter your Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (all models) in to the "Recovery Mode". This method is compatible on all Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 variants like Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 3G GT-S7270, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE GT-S7275 and Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 GT-S7272 Dual SIM.

1. First you need to switch of your Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

2. Now in the power down status press and hold "Home"+"Volume Up"+"Power" buttons until you see the "Samsung Galaxy Ace 3" and Model Number on the screen, now release the power button while holding the other buttons. Then you will see a similar screen like the one given below.


How To Enter Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 In Recovery Mode?

The above screenshot shows the CWM based "Recovery Mode".

How To Enter Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 In Recovery Mode?

The above screenshot shows the android "Recovery Mode".

If you are getting the above or similar one, your Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is in the "Recovery Mode". Please use "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons to toggle through the menu and "Power" button to select or confirm.

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