Osamodas Male Osamodas Osamodas Female
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Summons various creatures to fight in their place, push back opponents, and unbewitch them.

Healer Icon

Heals and revives allies.

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Increases their allies' Action Points, Movement Points and Health Points.

Osamodas Information

Osamodas (also known as Osamodas's Whip) is a class.

Osamodas are born creature tamers! They have the power to summon creatures and they are the greatest trainers. Rumour has it that they even cut their clothes from the skin of their enemies. Go ask them whether it's true or not... If you're on their side, they'll always be on hand with a minor heal. If not, well, we'll see if you end up as a boot or a fur-lined hat.

More InformationEdit

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Osamodas Class Set is the Innumerable Set.

Characteristic Soft Caps:

Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 VitalityVitWisdomWisStrengthStrIntelligenceIntChanceChaAgilityAgi
1∞ - - -
- - 1∞ -
1100 101200 201300 301∞
1100 101200 201300 301∞
1100 101200 201300 301∞
1100 101200 201300 301∞

Osamodas backwards is sadomaso which means sadistic masochist, relating to the practice of sadomasochism. Osamodas seem to enjoy pain for pleasure, which is a characteristic of both sadism and masochism.

The Osamodas God is believed to be the most powerful God and is actually a Demon.

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