I posted the exact situation on a different thread. Re-post.

Excuse me, This is not an answer to the question posted above.

But brings an interesting topic --- WHEN to use AJAX and when NOT to use AJAX. In this case it's good not to use AJAX.

Let's take a simple example of login and password. If the login and/or password does not match it WOULD be nice to use AJAX to report back a simple message saying "Login Incorrect". But if the login and password IS correct, why would I have to callback an AJAX function to redirect to the user page?

In a case like, this I think it would be just nice to use a simple Form SUBMIT. And if the login fails, redirect to Relogin.php which looks same as the Login.php with a GET message in the url like Relogin.php?error=InvalidLogin... something like that...

Just my 2 cents. :)

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