The Recovery-Stress-Questionnaire for Athletes


The RESTQ-Sport questionnaire measures stress and recovery rates. It can be used for both applied work and research. The manual provides all the necessary psychometric data to judge the quality of the questionnaire and describes how the questionnaire was developed. The manual also explains why measuring recovery is important and how it can benefit an athlete, and gives the user the tools needed to measure and track an athlete's recovery. The CD-ROM allows the user to create a database of both individuals and groups. This pack includes a database and scoring program on CD-ROM, two questionnaires (RESTQ-76 and REST-52), scoring keys and profile sheets for the questionnaires, and the manual which provides various examples, in the form of case studies, of how to interpret the data/profile.

Table of contents

Part 1 Description and application: description of the recovery-stress-questionnaire for athletes; application of the recovery-stress-questionnaire for athletes; individual specific diagnostic - case studies. Part 2 Theory, construction, and validity: theory; construction of the recovery-stress-questionnaire for athletes; test statistics; summary of the RESTQ-Sport features.

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