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randomized abilitiy sets, randomized ai behavior, randomized reaction times. hello, we are living in 2013, mister.

i shouldn't be able to tell, "okay in 10 secs he will cast a chaos bolt". he should randomly choose an ability from a pool of powerfull abilities in a totally random time. this is called randomness, i don't know how its in 90s but in 2013 things are different now.

the word skill is often used interchangeably with abilities especially in world of warcraft. and usage of skill in our content is innate abilities, an individiual's capacity to perform. what that means is stop using dictionary meaning of the word to prove your point.

since there is no randomness as you claimed you have no right to speak about 1337 SKILLZ.

after a huge wall of text, in conclusion you have just supported my claims and yep, this is not a skill fight, end of the story.

If you can't reply to a whole post then don't bother. I'll show you why.

Hello mister from 2013. I gave you an example that if he chose randomly from his abilities you wouldn't beat it constantly. Simply because your class does not has the tools to counter cataclysm if it's used back to back a certain amount of times. So a fight that requires luck to beat takes away skill.

The word skill means what I underlined indeed. That's what I wrote in my "wall of text" too. It's something you can train to develop. None starts arena with 200-0 win ratio in his first season playing PvP. They all practice, and develop their skills. I don't know how else to explain so you can get what skill is.

I never said anything about "1337 skillz". I gave you an example. Did you wipe after knowing theoretically what to do? You didn't have the skill. Did you kill it eventually? You developed the skill needed to do it by practicing. Thus the fight requires some skill. It's a game after all how much skill do you want it to require? Start playing the violin if you want something that takes huge amount of skill, or try to beat Alonso in F1. I hope you get it this time.

I guess you never read a book, and thus your claims about walls of texts. Your attention span is so little you can only read a couple of lines. As I said at the beginning of the post, all the answers for your second post are already there. So if you can't read or understand what I'm writing don't bother replying.

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