1. Azmodan's Talent Build

1 GreedGluttonyWrath ?
4 Army of HellHellforged ArmorBattleborn
7 Art of ChaosBombardment ? Master of Destruction
10 Demonic InvasionTide of Sin ?
13 Brutish VanguardCydaea's KissChain of Command
16 Total AnnihilationHell RiftSin's Grasp
20 Siegebreaker ? Black Pool ? PrideTrample ?

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2. Azmodan's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Demon Build

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Level 4 Hellforged Armor Icon
Level 7 Art of Chaos Icon
Level 13 Brutish Vanguard Icon
Level 16 Total Annihilation Icon

The Demon Build focuses on improving Azmodan's Summon Demon Warrior IconSummon Demon Warrior. Although inherently weak, Demon Warriors become quite powerful with the key Hellforged Armor IconHellforged Armor and Brutish Vanguard IconBrutish Vanguard Talents. While the rest of the build remains very flexible, we have made recommendations for the Talents we believe to be best at each Talent Tier. The synergy between Gluttony IconGluttony, Art of Chaos IconArt of Chaos, and Total Annihilation IconTotal Annihilation is notable for making Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilation powerful at all stages of the game, and Demonic Invasion IconDemonic Invasion is as easy to use as it is flexible.

3. Level 1 Talents for Azmodan

3.1. Discussion

This Talent tier improves Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilation.

Greed IconGreed is the weakest and most situational choice at this Talent tier. Its main problem is that it does not directly improve Azmodan's Annihilation generation against Heroes, unlike the alternative options. Further, Greed's Quest effect also does not improve Azmodan's damage output against Heroes.

Gluttony IconGluttony is the most reliable choice at this Talent tier, and should be picked in most Matches. The Quest effect is particularly powerful, as reducing Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilation's Cooldown is invaluable for gathering Annihilation stacks beyond 200 and generally damaging opponents during team fights.

Wrath IconWrath trades Gluttony IconGluttony's reliability for potentially more Annihilation stacks. Wrath is typically picked against double tank team compositions on two-lane Maps. Such compositions often allow you to get many Basic Attacks off, which greatly improves your overall Annihilation stack generation. Wrath's Quest effect also provides more burst damage than the alternatives. Wrath synergises particularly well with Bombardment IconBombardment.

4. Level 4 Talents for Azmodan

4.1. Discussion

This Talent tier improves Summon Demon Warrior IconSummon Demon Warrior.

Army of Hell IconArmy of Hell doubles the burst power of Summon Demon Warrior IconSummon Demon Warrior at the cost of doubling its Cooldown. Although this Talent may seem like an attractive effect at first glance, Summon Demon Warrior's true utility comes from using the Ability to selectively take damage for you, absorb skillshots, and reducing the movement speed of enemies (through Brutish Vanguard IconBrutish Vanguard later on). The alternative Hellforged Armor IconHellforged Armor Talent fulfills this purpose much better, on top of providing more opportunities to use Summon Demon Warrior by keeping its reasonable 10-second Cooldown untouched. Further, summoning two Demon Warriors are at once makes them prone to be killed by area of effect damage. Army of Hell is an easy trap to fall into.

Hellforged Armor IconHellforged Armor makes Demon Warriors and Demon Lieutenant IconDemon Lieutenant surprisingly resilient, allowing them to survive Hero attacks to ultimately be more disruptive and deal more damage. The 4-second increased duration also represents a 40% overall damage increase for Demon Warriors (20% for Demon Lieutenants), should they remain alive for the full duration. This Talent single-handedly makes Summon Demon Warrior IconSummon Demon Warrior worth using in most cases, whereas it would otherwise be a very situational Ability.

Battleborn IconBattleborn provides both Summon Demon Warrior IconSummon Demon Warrior and Demon Lieutenant IconDemon Lieutenant with a reasonable Cooldown reduction effect. This effect, however, requires Azmodan to consistently deliver Basic Attacks to see any value, which is rarely possible under most circumstances beyond split pushing. Delivering Basic Attacks also competes with All Shall Burn IconAll Shall Burn for uptime. Battleborn also suffers from being a very poor team fighting and late-game Talent. The Hellforged Armor IconHellforged Armor alternative is just too good to not pick.

5. Level 7 Talents for Azmodan

This Talent tier improves Annihilation generation.

5.1. Discussion

Art of Chaos IconArt of Chaos is a straightforward Talent with a great payoff that helps with both Mana management and gathering additional Annihilation. Since you should be already be aiming to hit as many Heroes as possible with Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilation at all times, Art of Chaos requires no adjustment from your part; simply keep on dunking.

Bombardment IconBombardment is a situational Talent picked alongside Wrath IconWrath. Its main advantage is making it easier for Azmodan to deliver Basic Attacks, thanks to the added range provided by the Talent.

Master of Destruction IconMaster of Destruction helps with split pushing, as it provides Azmodan with more area of effect damage. Its main downside, however, is that it does not reliably help with gathering Annihilation stacks, unlike the alternative Talents, as All Shall Burn IconAll Shall Burn is rarely fully channeled against Heroes.

6. Level 10 Talents for Azmodan

6.1. Discussion

At this level, Heroic Abilities become available. The discussion in this section is based on the current metagame state. For a discussion on the general usage of each Heroic Ability, refer to the Abilities section.

Demonic Invasion IconDemonic Invasion was long considered a poor combat Ability. The June 25 balance patch changed this by improving the damage output of Demonic Grunts significantly, meaning that Players are now just beginning to experiment with Demonic Invasion as a team fighting-oriented Ability.

On its own, Demonic Invasion can significantly reduce the damage output of immobile Heroes by blocking them and forcing them to reposition due to their high damage output. Preferred targets include Chromie, Gul'dan, Jaina, Kael'thas, Kel'Thuzad, Raynor, Sgt. Hammer, Tychus, Zagara, and Zul'jin, to name a few. If your opponent's team composition relies on any of these common Heroes, Demonic Invasion is a powerful choice.

Tide of Sin IconTide of Sin is the go-to choice against team compositions that do not feature any of the Heroes mentioned above. It is a generic way of improving Azmodan's area of effect damage output and waveclear, and incidentally, his ability to generate Annihilation.

7. Level 13 Talents for Azmodan

7.1. Discussion

This Talent tier provides utility.

Brutish Vanguard IconBrutish Vanguard synergises well with Hellforged Armor IconHellforged Armor by multiplying the survivability of your Demon Warriors. Further, this Talent provides Azmodan with something his Ability set sorely lacks: a movement speed reduction effect. On top of improving your Demon Warriors' uptime, this effect helps with hitting both Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilation and All Shall Burn IconAll Shall Burn's end effect.

Cydaea's Kiss IconCydaea's Kiss provides Azmodan with some self sustain and improves the reliability of All Shall Burn IconAll Shall Burn slightly. In practice, Cydaea's Kiss is too situational to be worth considering, even for All Shall Burn-oriented builds.

Chain of Command IconChain of Command improves Azmodan's Map presence by allowing you to bolster Mercenary Camps and generally split push faster. Although it is a powerful Talent, Chain of Command suffers from Demon Lieutenant IconDemon Lieutenant's long 1-minute Cooldown. This means that for any given match, you will only get to benefit from Chain of Command a few times, and this, under the specific circumstances where no opposing Hero is able to kill off your Demon Lieutenant. It is worth noting that an inconsistency is currently causing Chain of Command to not increase the Basic Attack damage of Demonic Grunts summoned through Demonic Invasion IconDemonic Invasion, though it will increase their explosion damage. This further worsens the Talent's usefulness.

8. Level 16 Talents for Azmodan

8.1. Discussion

This Talent tier improves Azmodan's late-game damage output.

Total Annihilation IconTotal Annihilation significantly increases Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilation's damage. This increase ranges between 25 and 75% of the Ability's base damage (before taking Annihilation stacks into consideration) depending on the target's total Health. Assuming full Annhilation stacks, this damage increase instead ranges between 10 and 30%. Regardless, few Talents in Heroes of the Storm provide such a steep damage increase to any given Ability, making Total Annihilation incredibly potent.

Hell Rift IconHell Rift has powerful split pushing implications and notable synergy with all All Shall Burn IconAll Shall Burn-related Talents, but competes with a superior choice, Total Annihilation IconTotal Annihilation.

Sin's Grasp IconSin's Grasp improves the reliability of All Shall Burn IconAll Shall Burn, not unlike Cydaea's Kiss IconCydaea's Kiss, but suffers the same problem as Hell Rift: it competes with Total Annihilation IconTotal Annihilation.

9. Level 20 Talents for Azmodan

9.1. Discussion

This Talent tier further improves Azmodan's late-game damage output.

Siegebreaker IconSiegebreaker allows Demonic Invasion IconDemonic Invasion to become a small win condition. With Siegebreaker, a single cast of Demonic Invasion plus Demon Lieutenant IconDemon Lieutenant can destroy a Fort (approximately 13000 damage at Hero Level 20). A single cast of Demonic Invasion plus Demon Lieutenant and three full-Annihilation Globe of Annihilation IconGlobe of Annihilations can destroy a Keep (17000 damage). To do so, you need to time Demonic Invasion in a way that Minion Waves do not distract your Demonic Grunts. Further, Siegebreaker makes for a powerful Core racing Talent. Do not be too greedy, however; you may still need your Heroic Ability to win a decisive team fight.

Black Pool IconBlack Pool should be selected when you do not have enough Annihilation stacks to fulfill Pride IconPride's 400-stack condition. If you are nearly there, go for Pride. Both Talents are essentially the same, with Pride providing more area of effect on a shorter Cooldown.

Pride IconPride is Azmodan's go-to Talent at this tier. In most games, you should have the required 400 Annihilation stacks to make the Talent function. If you do not, and are not within a few hits of doing so, look into the alternatives.

Trample IconTrample provides Azmodan with an odd short-ranged and high damage gap closer. Trample is particularly powerful against some of the more frail melee Assassins, such as Genji and Zeratul, though it is also useful for escaping dive-heavy team compositions featuring Azmodan's counters, such as Malthael and Muradin.

10. Changelog

  • 09 Aug. 2018: Talent discussions added
  • 07 Aug. 2018: Talent recommendations further updated following July 25 balance patch and metagame changes.
  • 11 Jul. 2018: Talent recommendations updated following July 10 Azmodan rework patch.
  • 14 Jan. 2018: Updated Heroic talent assessments. Updated Wrath build.
  • 28 Jun. 2017: Added Battleborn build and removed the other advised build, which had fallen out of fashion.
  • 26 Jun. 2017: Updated the discussion and evaluation of many talents.

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